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Full-sized violin for sale. Violin labeled Andreas Eastman, No VL 315, made in 2007; violin bow branded Wilhelm Schuster; violin case, Tempo Primo oblong fitted model; additional full set of strings; chin rest.

Asking $1150.
Email Abbie at if you're interested.
Thank you!
Scott Cao : 1/16 Genty used, with case and bow. Blue bow hair, Wittner chin rest and Kun shoulder rest. Sounds nice. $275

Helmke: 1/32 Excellent condition, very little use. Includes case and bow. $50

Bill Nyberg 920-623-9117 or 763-229-6451 or

1/8 size, Southwest Strings, Prelude violin. Comes with backpack-style case, bow and rosin. Excellent condition!

$175.00 Call Michelle (708)878-3837.

We have the following violins for sale in good condition:

1/32 Klaus Mueller Etude and case - needs a new bow. $100
1/16 Suzuki brand and case - needs a new bow and strings. $100
1/10 Suzuki brand and case: $125

Contact Lisa Kelly at or 236-0884

1/8th Nagoya Suzuki violin, good condition with new upgraded Witner tailpiece, nice hard case included. $150.00
contact Mary Carlson, 237-7371 or

1/4 size Klaus Mueller Etude violin. $200. Includes case and bow. Contact Steve Steinhoff or 242-9202

4/4 Knilling starter violin with case and bow $150. Purchased about 8 years ago to help my kids with lessons. They long since left me in the dust and I haven't touched it in years. But it was great for working with suzuki learners. ?Contact Steve Steinhoff or 242-9202

Special deal - both violins for $300.

1/8 size Franz Hoffman 'Etude'. 1999. 2 Bows, case, shoulder rest (avgvstin) and chin rest included. $225

Lisa Naughton, or 238-6873
60 to 70 yr old french full size violin, excelent playabitity, very nice sound. New case, Nice wood bow, extra fiberglass bow, chin rest etc...
Paid $1300 will take $1000
Call Monica 243-8263

3/4 size violin (labeled Stradivarius-you know the fake thing) with wood bow / Bobelock case / Kun shoulder rest with case. $475.
Contact Laurie at or 835-7046.

We have a 1/16 violin we would like to sell to an incoming family including bow and case.
Contact: Silvia Romero-Johnson
Phone: (608) 835-6446

3/4 size violin (labeled Stradivarius) with wood bow / Bobelock case / Kun shoulder rest with case
Contact Laurie at or 835-7046.

1/4 size Nagoya Suzuki violin with case and new bow. Very good condition - $170.00

Violin for sale -- 3/4 size. Good for a second violin to keep at school (that is what we did). $225.00
Call Jeannine or Sam at 246-8967

Labeled "John Juzek, Violinmaker in Prague, No: 49 yr: 1905, Master art copy of Guarnarius, MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA." Top of fine grain quarter-sawn spruce. Two pieces of maple back with heavy narrow horizontal flaming. Matching flamed maple neck and ribs. Ebony pegs and tailpiece, with gold diamond shaped inlay. Top lendth 355mm. Width top 167mm, middle 114mm, bottom 210mm. Ribs, 28-30mm. String length 327mm. Heavily antiqued red brown spirit varnish over golden base.
Condition: excellent.


Kris Neumeyer

Three Quarter Size Violin For Sale
D'Addario Pro Arte Strings
1923 Import of John Friedrich & Bros. New York
Amati model

The following repairs have been done on this instrument by the Larry Frye String Workshop in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
- Dress Fingerboard
- New Bridge
- New Strings
- New Tailgut
- Clean Polish and Touchup
- Rehair the Bow

Total price for this instrument is $650.00 or Best Offer.

Kris Neumeyer

Shar music fiddle packs, 2, purple/maroon and reflective silver. These fit around the base of a shaped case, to turn them into a backpack. Includes music pockets. fits 3/4 or full sized violins. Never used. $15 each.

Sheila 255-1227

4/4 size Violins:
ET Root 1915 - $2200
L & N Kupersmith 2003 - $4000
ER Schmidt 1900 - $2000
Stradivarius Copy 1860 - $1300
Edward Reichert 1911 - $700
American Guarneri copy 1950 - $5000
3/4 size Violin: Ton Clar 1960 - $425
1/4 size Violin: Hans Mueller Etude $210

Glenn or Maria-Rosa Germain
Posted 12/05

Made in Germany - 1/4 size Already replaced and clean up With Case (Suzuki) Expected selling price $1,800 (Value of violin is identified by distributor.)  Need to purchase another Bow (Available for bow with little cracks with no charge if needs)  More details are available. Please spread this information to the people who may be interested in. Thank you,
Tatsuhiko Yamamoto

Nino Pedrelli needs a 4/4 for use as a school h.s. instrument while the good one stays home


Suzuki Strings of Madison Instrument Rental Program

Suzuki String of Madison has several instruments of various sizes for rent. 
Please contact Heidi Kenney at (608)213-0722


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