Suzuki Strings of Madison: End of Year Evaluation

Note: If you have multiple children in different group classes, please submit this form for one class only. Then, you’ll be given an option to complete the form again for your additional students. Thank you!

Which group classes did your child(ren) participate in?
Teacher Evaluation
Teacher Evaluation
The instructor is able to engage the students' attention and elicit a positive response from the class.
The instructor is able to manage multiple children and personalities at once.
The instructor communicates the direction and goals of the class well to the parents.
The class has made visible progress over a succession of weeks.
The activities presented in class are age- and skill-appropriate.
The instructor comes to class prepared.
Parent Self-Evaluation
Parent Self-Evaluation
I am on time for class.
I am an active participant (or quiet observer) of the class and can jump in if I see my child is needing help.
If my child is sick I give the teacher advance notice of our absence.
Which theory classes did your child(ren) participate in?
Which events did your family participate in?