The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki approach deals with much more than teaching a child how to play an instrument. It seeks to develop the whole child, to help unfold his/her natural potential to learn, and to find the joy that comes through music making. Some of the basic principles of the Suzuki approach are:

  • Develop the full potential of every child through proper training and a positive learning environment. 
  • Begin as early as possible. Formal training may be started by age 3, but it is never too late to learn. 
  • Move in small steps, thereby building confidence and enthusiasm for learning. 
  • Parent attendance at all lessons and supervision of daily home practice time. 
  • Daily listening to recordings of the Suzuki repertoire. This approach derives from the way children learn to speak their native language. 
  • Postpone music reading until the child’s aural and instrumental skills are well established. 
  • Follow the Suzuki repertory sequence, so that each piece becomes a building block for the development of technique. 
  • Create in lessons and home practice an enjoyable learning environment. 
  • Participate in group classes, providing an important motivating activity. 
  • Foster an attitude among students of cooperation not competition.
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